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Calcom Properties' Services 


Part I 


We are a fully operational real estate office. We can assist you with your listings, short sales, loan applications, and escrow. Give us a call or drop by our office for more details.


Part II 


Management Fees

We are confident we offer the best service at the lowest possible rates. Many property management companies quote low rates and then tack on charges to extra necessary services later. Or, in an attempt to undercut everyone they offer an extremely poor service because they are not getting paid well for the time required to do a great job. On the other side of the spectrum there are property management companies that charge a premium price promising premium service but do not deliver. We offer both the best possible service at the best possible rate, without undermining ourselves by charging to much or too little.

Each month Calcom Properties holds a company meeting to review policies, procedures, and rates. We have made a commitment to continually push ourselves to offer our clients the best service at the best rates possible.

What is Included

We offer full property management services from start to finish. That is why so many owners, military families, and out of country home owners use us to manage their rentals. Sit back, relax, and get your rental checks without worry or stress. Let us handle it. We start by...

• Meeting you at the home and walking through to help you know what the rental market looks for.
• Then, we can coordinate local vendors to help you get your property "rent ready"
• We analyze the property's rental market and work to get you the best rent rate
• Full marketing, with technology based emphasis, so we can reach the most eyes as possible.
• Screening with detailed applications, Credit & Background checks
• Rent collection via online pay capabilities
• Or, 24/7, locked drop box for rents at our office
• We pay vendors for services rendered from the rents...
• Therefore providing accurate records for your tax purposes
• Contracts and legal notices
• Tenant point of contact
• Repair and maintenance capabilities
• Marginal legal help, court appearances, and legal compliance
• Correspondence regarding violations, notices, and other problems

Payments and Statements

• Owner funds are disbursed on the 10th of each month, or the next business day thereafter.
• Owners are paid by direct deposit or a mailed check depending on owner preference.
• Owners receive a 1099 form at year-end for tax preparation.
• Owners also receive a copy of their invoices for work performed on their property for their personal records.
• Tenants may also pay by electronic check, or by mail.

Tenant Screening

Every prospective tenant undergoes our high standard of screening.
• Income verification
• Rental history
• Prior eviction actions
• Credit history
• Criminal background

State-of-the-Art Internet Marketing
• Each property features photos, description and maps.
• Rental properties are marketed on a variety of free and paid websites.
• Rental applications are taken online.
• Nearly all our leases are executed via electronic signature.
• Using the Internet we have made our rental properties viewable by phone and computer anywhere on the planet.


The condition of your home is our top priority. That is why we respond quickly to repair request made by tenants.

We work hard to maintain a list of excellent vendors. Our vendors can handle most any repair.

Rent Collection and Evictions

Our thorough screening process of all applicants is the first step we take to prevent evictions and make sure your rent is paid on time.

Before move in we thoroughly explain the payment process and due dates to the tenant and we act promptly when rent is not paid. This maintains a standard of timely rent payment from the very beginning.


Part III 


Apartment Specialist 

Without the appropriate knowledge and training multiunit buildings can be plagued with chronic low performance due to consistent low quality applicants, high tenant turn over, and constant maintenance needs. 

Calcom Properties has the right property managers to fix these problems!


The Unique Needs of Multiunit Management

Many renters who choose to live in multiunit buildings instead of buying a home are lifelong renters. They are intelligent renters, they know their rights, and demand a high level responsibility from their property manager.

Other problems are very unique to multiunit living. Common areas and landscaping get damaged and dirty more quickly due to heavy foot traffic.  It is important that designated pathways are obeyed to reduce landscaping damage.

Noise complaints and tenant conflicts are elevated due to close proximity of neighbors. They must be addressed quickly before good tenants leave and bad tenants learn bad habits.

Pet ordinances must be strictly kept up with because a single animal with a flee problem can create a building wide outbreak. The same is true for keeping up with trash ordinances. One residential unit that is not complying with the waist removal rules properly can create a building wide outbreak of cockroaches, ants, and bedbugs.

Parking is also a common problem with multi-unit buildings. If not enforced properly some tenants may misuse the designated parking area and make parking for guests and other tenants difficult. Poor parking causes high tenant turn over.

There are more special circumstances related to multi-unit management that are not listed here. Calcom Properties is equipped to handle your properties at the standard of service you deserve.



Ed Dugger
Calcom Properties
Ph: 951-894-7444Fax:951-848-9343
25096 Jefferson Ave. Ste. B
Murrieta, CA 92562 US
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